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Why Website Copywriting?

You will need this type of copywriting for your website, which includes homepages, landing pages, and more.

Recent studies found that users spent about 5 seconds reading a website’s copy before navigating to the next section.

That’s not a lot of time to capture a visitor’s attention, communicate with them, and prompt an action.

The most important thing is to define your objective. Each of your website pages—or, in some cases, sections of a page—should communicate specific information to viewers and prompt them to complete a certain action.

The website copy isn’t repetitive, but it’s all working toward the same goal—getting the user to get engaged. The headline is active and conveys the value that the brand offers, making quick graphics.

The copy elaborates on this value by explaining where these graphics could be used and introduces the ideal audience, anyone regardless of design skills. Then, the CTA (Call to Action), which appears twice, takes it home.

Nailing your CTA is key for writing effective website copy.

At Ya-Hub Digital we have a team of seasoned copywriters who will take care of your website copywriting in a fast and efficient manner.

SEO Copywriting:

SEO copywriting is writing content for your website or blog that is keyword-optimized to help you rank on the Google SERP and grow your organic traffic. That’s a crucial skill for any marketing trying to grow a digital business. Identifying and using the right keywords is the first step, and a tool like Google Keyword Planner, Semrush, or Ahrefs can help with that.

The next thing you’ll want to do is check out what the ranking websites are doing. How are they formatting their pages? What other keywords are they targeting? What topics are they focusing on?

We are a multilingual team which means that we can write copy in several languages for your company. We currently work in more than 130 languages including Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, Polish, Japanese, Chinese, Thai.

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