Ad Copywriting

Producing Content for Ads

You might be required to write taglines for billboards, descriptions for promoted social media posts, video scripts for podcast advertisements, headlines for Facebook Ads, and more for this type of copywriting.

Advertising comes in a wide variety of forms.

Display ads, social media ads, newspaper and magazine ads, radio and podcast ads, direct mail ads, video ads, product placement ads, event marketing ads, and email marketing are the ten most popular types.

However, in SaaS (Software as a Service), ad copywriting is more frequently digital; therefore, disregard the tagline from the billboard above and consider search, social, newsletters, and podcasts instead. 

Although the formats will vary, they all have one thing in common: strict restrictions on the number of words you can use.

This means that for effective ad copywriting, you must grab attention, speak to your audience, and convey value clearly and briefly.

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